After all, caution will get you nowhere.

When we capitalise it, in marker pen, using large writing, it feels good. Like we are shouting it out for others to hear.

And yet writing BOLD every day in a journal means that at some point soon, the desired effect will wear off. In fact, it was unlikely to have ever paid off.

To move intentional statements to action. Try this small step.

Before your marker pen runs out and the novelty wears off, share it with someone. That way, you have done another bold thing. From your head to paper and now the world.

Be. Do. Say.

Define it.

Do it.

Talk about it.

To become bold we first need to begin by doing bold things.



Image by Alexa from Pixabay

Asking anyone to trust the process, is like asking someone to trust in magic. Of course, you don’t trust magic, why would you? After all, it’s an illusion, a mind trick.

Can you remember the last time you made an elephant disappear?

Forget the processes that are well-trodden paths of compliance. I’m talking about following a process that has no fixed outcome. A process that provides value, often in an intangible, unmeasurable way. In a way that makes you feel good about what you do and who you are.

Just like magic, you can’t fully trust it, but you must fully buy into it for it to work.



When Derek Sivers sent an email out to CD Baby’s 2 million customers a misunderstanding cost a week’s worth of labour to explain the mistake.

Berating kids that can’t jump over hurdles is one way to ensure they pay attention.

If you want to stop doing something increase the pain that you feel.

Increasing participation and physical activity levels might not be a simple problem. But making activities a satisfying experience is a good start.



Image by bigter choi from Pixabay

To get more people up on their feet and dancing it’s tempting to think that it’s on you to become a better dancer. That the best version of you will amplify the signal that you are worth following.

But that is not the case,

The best signal you can send is that anyone can do it, that you are welcome to try, and that it might just be fun.

Are you asking? Then I’m dancing!



Simon A Harling

Simon A Harling

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