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The way in which something is placed or arranged, especially in relation to other things. A tendency to act in a certain way.

One way to adapt very quickly is to monitor the disposition of successful groups that work in your field. Once matched for constraints. The only thing left to do is shine a light on what works.

It’s that simple.



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Perhaps you are a team leader, a coach, or a teacher, and dealing with people’s problems is what you do.

They can’t see it.

Maybe they don’t care.

And that’s your problem.

It can change how you show up, it changes the focus of your work, and it can weigh you down.

People change when they are ready. Which might be never. And that is not your problem.

Far better to change the environment and play, don’t you think?



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More and more coaches are turning to social media to help them design training sessions.

This might be a good time to remind ourselves about one of the most powerful tools at our disposal.

Social media is designed to create connection, not context.

Content gets your attention.

Context focuses your attention.

Perhaps it’s time to connect with coaches who like you want to focus on what actually matters. You can register your interest in the Athletic Kids Conference here.



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We could but we choose not to.

Strawberries are no longer seasonal. It used to be that the cost was too high or the availability was just not there. The market fixed that.

Sport so is no longer seasonal.

We can’t blame the market. After all, it is our choice. The market simply puts the item in front of us and asks the question. Do you want to buy it?

If we want kids to be active, healthy, and curious we need to help them make better choices. Not the same one, over and over again.

Who do we think they are going to learn from?



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We all come across situations that require more. More time, more money, more people. When we put more resources behind it, we get more of what we want. Whether you start, from a place of plenty or a place of poverty, the thinking is the same. We all wish for more.

Like the kid running down a steep hill whose face has changed. Wanting change is not the same as creating change. Be clear on what you wish for.



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Simon A Harling

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