Coaching confidence

Who wouldn’t want to create coaching environments that help their kids grow in confidence?

Here are three common approaches.

Fake it till you make it approach.

“I am not confident”/“I am confident”

The least you can do is look like you know what you are doing. And that’s helpful until it’s not.

Uncontested approach.

Everything you do is great.

Until someone else does it better.

Smoke and mirrors approach.

I wish my kids would be more confident and communicate.

The coaching equivalent of telling everyone else to take a step back to make it look like you are stepping forward.

But there is another approach. An approach that doesn’t involve a white coat and a diploma on the wall.

The nonconsequential failure approach.

What’s the hard part?

What did you try?

What did you do well?

What can you try next time?

You guessed it, coach. Now is not the time to lose your mind. But it is the time to experiment and find a way.

What’s the hard part?



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Simon A Harling

Simon A Harling

Coach, speaker, blogger on fitness, coaching & personal leadership