First, learn to trust yourself

Image by Alina Kuptsova from Pixabay

“You think too much about it”

” I know you like to do things differently (compliment).”

The two comments above were made this week by two good friends in coaching. It is always interesting to know what others say about you.

And for a while, I was tempted to cut the edges off my fitness busking project. Compromise to fit in. Appeal to the 99% who don’t think quite as deeply.

But what about the 1% who do?

1% of all the coaches in the world is still a lot of coaches. And here is my point for those operating in the 1% space:

Do listen to what people say. Know who you are.

Do things differently if it makes you happy

Don’t take advice from people who work at scale.

Don’t act like you are scale either. Big overheads are a bad idea.

Do stay small, adaptable, and ride the long tail.

Do know you can always switch.



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