ONE in Ten

Simon A Harling
2 min readJun 17, 2024


What do you do if the goal is to lift a 10kg weight 10 times?

Or to get 10% of children in Wales (approx 54,000) to play tennis regularly?

The most obvious thing to do might be to begin by breaking down the task at hand — lift a 10kg weight once, or get a few schools to start incorporating tennis into their PE lessons.

But, what if our weightlifter focussed on something bigger, more inspiring, like lifting 100kg once? What would happen?

The goal of the Athletic Skills Model is to give focus to the idea that there are 10 physical skills that a child should master.

The one most of interest in this example is:

Throw, catch, hit and aim

Sports include:







Table Tennis

What if all these sports could coordinate their resources to ensure all kids in Wales spent a share of their time in the year, hitting, throwing, catching, and aiming using ONE generic activity, like street racket, for example?

It’s hard to imagine that the shared learnings from that coordinated action would not bring significant change, cooperation, and a positive experience for children in Wales. Rather than focus on what seems important, focus on something bigger, and let it teach you.

Here is the next Coach Camp event — if you know a coach in Wales involved in sports who is ready to think bigger than themselves, please share this link.




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