Pour your heart out

Values and principles can help us to communicate our choices and reflect on our outcomes as we collide with the world.

Maybe it’s why most of us choose not to pour our hearts out. Living with and through your values and principles, in a competitive world, is a true test of the courage of your convictions.

Howard Schultz the creator and current CEO of Starbucks in his book Pour Your Heart Into It describes their approach as one that values dogmatism and flexibility. How much flexibility and how much dogma is not clear. But was is clear, is that the original concept of Starbucks has shifted to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

Derek Sivers, who grew CD Baby into a $20 million company closes out the book, Anything You Want, with a simple message. “Pay close attention to when you are being real and when you are trying to impress an invisible jury.”

A curious innovator who had excelled at making a perfect world for independent musicians. Derek was happier with 5 employees and happiest when working alone. At the time CD Baby was sold it employed 85 people.

Howard was brave enough to listen.

Derek cared enough to sell CD Baby having learned that the only obligation you have is to your own happiness.

There can be no doubt that what we value and believe shapes our view of the world. But not necessarily what we do in the world. To align what we do with what we say, flexibility helps, courage is mandatory.



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