The bare necessities of life

Image by Angela from Pixabay

Here are a few things that I have learned while trying to get my ideas out into the world.

Don’t approach the top table; unless you can improve their status, which is unlikely.

Don’t try to please the merry-go-round of “busy” industry opinion leaders for the same reason. You don’t need an echo chamber.

Do approach people from outside your industry who are curious and like ideas, not your success.

Do find the underdogs in your industry, the students, and the “doers.”Talk to them.

Finally, remember the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is way more important than any top table. Just ask anyone who had to fake it to make it.

Do yourself a favour and go find the early adopters, underdogs, and fire starters.



Simon A Harling

Learning to live with others (coaching), living my best life (fitness), & sharing what I am working on (writing)