The missing ingredient

Image by Barbara Rosner from Pixabay

Maybe it was the PE teacher, a Geography teacher, or a coach at your club. Whoever it was, you will recognise the steps taken.

Someone saw you struggling.

For that person to take the time to help you figure out where you were on the task. Two things happened. This task is worth it and so are you.

As a result, you began moving, no longer stuck. Even if you did not know it at the time, deep inside, you wanted to get better. You began to see value in what you were doing, and so did someone else, you began to make it yours. Ownership.

Whoever was helping you made your progress feel like a big deal, to you at least.

Part of the deal was giving you the space to get frustrated when it didn’t quite go to plan.

So you kept coming back to get better. Frustration was a price worth paying.

Now you the all-conquering hero are a teacher, coach, or parent with a story to tell.

But even with all the above steps, there is still one missing ingredient in the recipe.

Can you guess what it is?

The coach, teacher, and parent wanted you to get curious and try, so they got curious about you.

Coaching is a mirror. You get what you reflect. Pass it on.

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