What should I watch?

Is the most asked question on Google in 2021.

A habit is a routine or practice performed regularly; an automated response to a specific situation.

In Nov 2012 James Clear began publishing his blogs on habits, decision making, and continuous improvements. By 2015, James had signed a publishing deal with the publishing house Penguin. And in 2018, the book Atomic Habits was published.

The gap between James first publishing a blog and finally releasing his book was 6 years. And for many years before Nov 2012, James was making notes, playing with ideas, and learning what worked.

When you are looking to create healthy habits. We can certainly begin by asking “how do I lose a few lbs?” or “what should I eat?” But a better question might be.

How do I create an environment in which I can keep going?”



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Simon A Harling

Simon A Harling

Coach, speaker, blogger on fitness, coaching & personal leadership https://linktr.ee/SimonHarling